Genesis Week 11 - Va’ Yigash

Wisdom From the Torah Book 1:
With P
ortions From the Prophets and New Testament

This Bible study guide is presented as an extension to our Virtual House Church. It is designed to show you how the themes, stories, and words of the Torah (the five books of Moses) are woven throughout the writings of the prophets and New Testament. There is much wisdom to be gained from the Torah. The word is often translated as “law” but really, it represents the instructions of our loving Father to His children. We pray this study draws you into a closer, more intimate relationship with Him.

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This week's study in 60 seconds

Va’ Yigash (And He Drew Near)

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Here is the Torah portion study by The Way Biblical Fellowship:

Why Study the Torah? Because it is very important to YHVH:

1 Corinthians 10:11
New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

11 These things happened to them to serve as an example, and they were written down to instruct us, on whom the ends of the ages have come.


How does this week’s Torah Portion relate to the Haftarah and Brit Chadasha Portions? 

What did you find most interesting about this week’s reading?

What is the general theme of this reading and how does it apply to our lives today?


Did Israel Really Become a Nation in 1948
(thus fulfilling the Haftarah Portion of Ezekiel 37)?

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The Torah study Rob read from:

Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries - his full audio on Va’ Yigash:

Pastor Mike's PowerPoint: Slides

Pastor Mike's Notes:

Rob's Rapture Riddle blog:

Consider the following parallels between the books of Exodus and Revelation (Note: the plagues that did/do not affect God's people are highlighted in blue):

The plagues of Egypt listed in order:
End Times Parallel Plagues:
Trumpet Judgments
1. Blood Water Ex. 7:14-22 1. Blood Water Rev. 8:8-9 Rev. 16:3-7
2. Frogs Ex. 8:1-12 2. Frogs .......................... Rev. 16:12-14
3. Gnats Ex. 8:16-19 3. Gnats .......................... ..........................
4. Flies Ex. 8:20-32 4. Flies .......................... ..........................
5. Dead Animals Ex. 9:1-7 5. Dead Animals Rev. 8:7-9 Rev. 16:3,8
6. Skin Boils Ex. 9:8-12 6. Skin Boils .......................... Rev. 16:1-2, 8
7. Hail Ex. 9:13-35 7. Hail Rev. 8:7,11:19 Rev.16:17-21
8. Locusts Ex. 10:1-20 8. (Demon) Locusts Rev. 9:1-11 ..........................
9. Darkness Ex. 10:21-29 9. Darkness Rev. 8:12 Rev. 16:10
10. People Killed by God's Judgments Ex. 12:21-30 10. People Killed by God's Judgments Rev. 9:13-16 Rev. 16:1-21

Rob's blog that deals with the so-called "Star of David":

Regarding the Zionists, consider also:

More study resources related to the subjects of this week's study can be found at: and

The Scriptures for this
week's study are:


Genesis 44:18-47:27

Ezekiel 37:15-28

Luke 6:9-16; 15:11-32;
Acts 7:13-15;
2 Corinthians 5:1-21;
Ephesians 2:1-10;
Colossians 1:1-29